Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday Video: On Cosmology, Big Bang and Cosmic Chickens

by Salman Hameed

Since there is some discussion going on about cosmology after Nidhal's post last Monday, I thought I will also post this talk by Sean Carroll. The key thing to note is how scientists deal with the questions at the boundaries of knowledge. For example, look at the way Sean uses the principle of entropy to seek a plausible explanation for the Big Bang. In fact, the key lies in his statement about the search for testable theories of the Big Bang. He doesn't have all the answers - but that is were some of the most exciting science takes place. I know that the unknowns around the Big Bang are ripe areas for religious appropriations. However, just because there are unkowns doesn't mean that these are unknowables. If we are seeking the development of scientific curiosity, then this talk should serve as a good primer.

Oh - and I enjoyed the bit at the end about a cosmic chicken:


John Farrell said...

Damn it. I want to give a TexX talk someday, too! :)

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