Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Close-up of the Moon from Lahore

by Salman Hameed

Once again, Umair Asim's photograph has made it as the Lunar Photo of the Day (LPOD). Here is his image of the Lunar south pole (left) that was yesterday's LPOD. The image on the right is from a NASA spacecraft and provides a nice context to Umair's image. Nice job. Congrats! Also check out Umair's first LPOD picture (Moons' Craters from Lahore)  and his website.

He also has a new H-alpha telescope to look at activity at the Sun's "surface". Here is a nice video of prominence on the Sun - 45 minutes are compressed here in 10 seconds. Very nice.


Anonymous said...

This is phenomenal.

Anonymous said...

which telescope has been used for these images?

Anonymous said...

Celestron C14 SCT on Losmandy Titan mount. Pretty impressive gear.

Anonymous said...

awesomely beautiful... :)

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