Sunday, May 23, 2010

Geek Sunday with Star Trek

This is the end of the semester - so you have to excuse me for this.

It is not entirely my fault, but while clearing up my Google Reader, I ran into two Star Trek related posts - one at Bad Astronomy and the other at 3quarksdaily. These are not really related to the blog - but then how could I resist William Shatner singing Rocket Man. As far as the conversation between Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis is concerned, I've always had a soft spot for ST-TNG. I was at Stony Brook for undergraduate when it was being aired, and I remember going to the student union every Sunday night to watch it with a bunch of other Trekkies (hey - what did you expect? I was an astronomy and physics major). Oh - I can make it even geekier. I admit it - I saw Marina Sirtis speak at one of the big science fiction conventions (ICON) at Stony Brook in the early 1990s (ST-TNG was still running) - and yes, she was great answering questions in front of over 600-700 doting Trekkies jammed into a lecture hall.

FYI: Apart from the Borg episodes, Yesterday's Enterprise, Ship in a Bottle, and All Good Things were some of the best TNG episodes :)

So, first here is William Shatner singing(?) Rocket Man:

And here is a chat from 2008 between Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis (this is actually funny):


Justin Topp said...

That Shatner "Rocket Man" is just classic.

Amanda Quraishi said...


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