Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Alabama politics devolving...

Idiocy vs Idiocy. I wish this story was part of the MAD magazine rather than an actual political campaign in Alabama.

Evolution has made a dubious appearance in a political ad in Alabama. Here is the ad attacking Bradley Byrne for supporting the teaching of evolution:

But Bradley Byrne is fighting back and is winning the battle for greater ignorance. He released a response statement, in effect saying that, wait, he is a proud creationist too:
I have a long and proven record when it comes to opposing tax increases on the people and businesses of Alabama. In 2003, I joined many other Republican lawmakers in supporting our Republican governor in voting to allow the people of Alabama to vote on a constitutional amendment that included a restructuring of our tax system, education enhancements and government accountability measures. Every vote my attackers mention were included in that constitutional amendment and none of them could be implemented without the people’s approval.
Thank you Alabama. You are keeping us entertained. Read Bradley Byrne's full statement here (tip Lee Spector).


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