Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Singing Darwin

Well ... after all this week is all about Darwin. Here is an entertaining view of Darwin:

And of course, the best material comes from Darwin's bulldog:

Mr. Milner’s show provides sound bites from Huxley’s famous 1860 debate in Oxford against Bishop Samuel Wilberforce, who scornfully asked Huxley whether he was descended from an ape through his grandfather or his grandmother. Huxley had the last word years later, when the bishop died after being thrown headfirst from a horse.

“His end has been all too tragic for his life,” Huxley wrote in a letter. “For once, reality and his brains came into contact and the result was fatal.”

Ouch! Read the full article here.

By the way as part of Darwin celebrations, Amherst College Museum of Natural History has a special talk and a museum tour led by Kate Wellspring and Steve Sauter this Friday, Feb 13th, from 2-3pm. I can totally see Kate as a singing Darwinian scholar - and may be she will sing on Friday.


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