Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sinan said...

I consider stumbling onto your blog complete serendipity- what a jewel.

You have really focused on topics that I have struggled with, come to terms with, accepted at various points in my life. My own religiosity undergoes a sin wave function, while my appreciation for science goes through that wave.

I firmly believe that evolution and Islam are completely compatible (i have found M. Asad translation of Quran to be completely supportive of evolution); a key concept in Islam (as found in Quran) is emergence (najm). Evolution is nothing else but the slow emergence of new species (barring bacteria and microbes which are demonstrable within weeks and months)- that appear non-evolving from our short lifespans - but in the long view (or out of time view? of a Creator) punctuated.

Imran Nasrullah
Mass Biotechnology Council

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