Saturday, September 06, 2008

Some more Kosher gadgets

Some time back I had a posting on Shabbos toothbrushes. Well, here an article (hat tip Laura Sizer) about a whole lot of other products, including lamps, ovens, refrigerators, etc. And of course, metal detectors and products that don't disrupt military operations:

Zomet created the metal detectors used to screen worshippers at the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site, in a manner that uses electricity in a way not prohibited on the Sabbath. It also developed pens that use ink that disappears after a few days, based on a rabbinic interpretation that only forbids permanent writing, and Sabbath phones, which are dialed in an indirect manner with special buttons and a microprocessor.

According to Mr. Marans, the Israeli army bought 1,000 of these phones in 2007, so that Orthodox soldiers can take part in military operations on the Sabbath and holidays. Hospitals and medical personnel also use these technologies. “Obviously they are needed to protect the country, but we want to limit the desecration of Shabbat as much as possible,” Mr. Marans said.

Read the full article here.


Don said...

I don't roll on shabbos.

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