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Creationism with Harun Yahya and Sarah Palin

It seems that Harun Yahya is offering 10 trillion Turkish liras (about 8 trillion dollars - yes, yes, fill in your own "bailout" joke here) to anyone "who produces a single intermediate-form fossil demonstrating evolution" (hat tip Pharyngula):
Adnan Oktar said that he has "issued a call to all evolutionists" that he will give "10 trillion Turkish lira to anyone who produces a single intermediate-form fossil demonstrating evolution" – a sum roughly equal to £4.4trn.
"Evolutionists are at a dead-end in the face of the fossil record," he said. "Not one [fossil] belongs to strange-looking creatures in the course of development of the kind supposed by evolutionists." this is just silly and there is no need to comment on it. But should this crap even be reported in a newspaper? After all, this serves to give publicity to a seemingly unbalanced man - and this is exactly what he wants. I think newspapers (and blogs like the one you are reading) should be more discreet in picking up stories like this.

However, the case is different when it comes to Sarah Palin. Here is a good story from the LA Times about her religious beliefs and public policy. It appears that she has never officially spoken about creationism and all the evidence, while probably true, is anecdotal. When it comes to policy, she hides behind "teach the controversy":
During an October 2006 debate in the Alaska governor's race, Palin urged that evolution and creationist ideas be taught together in state schools. "Don't be afraid of information and let kids debate both sides," she said.

But since taking office in December 2006, Palin has made no moves to impose the teaching of creationism or "intelligent design," the modern version of creationist thought, in Alaska schools.

"As far as teachers are concerned, we haven't seen any push," said Joan Sargent, a Fairbanks teacher who heads the Alaska Science Teachers Assn. Teachers already have the flexibility to introduce creationist views, as an addendum to the mainstream study of evolution, Sargent said.
Yes, but here it is important for newspapers to push her more about evolution. It is not a matter of personal beliefs. If she believes that dinos and humans at one point mingled together - we should know. It is not just about policy but how she views science in the 21st century. But possible good news for Ken Ham of the Creation Museum fame - if she actually ends up with the presidency, then he may get a cabinet position.


Anonymous said...

End of Darwinism...

The 21st century is the start of a new era, that brings the collapse of the false and deceitful theory of evolution. Harun Yahya has been the means to provide this great development, as he has strived to unmask the lie behind Darwinism by writing books, opening websites, etc. that may be viewed at

This struggle of Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar) has brought eventually imprisonment, slander campaigns against him, and years of pain.

I want to thank him for his efforts and wish that his ideas will be embraced by the Western world as soon as possible.

Yes, the evolution/creation ideas must be taught simultaneously in schools, because the students should be given the opportunity to decide themselves on what to accept. This is the basic principle of a democratic society.

Joe Morreale said...

The terrible ignorance of Richard Dawkins, who fell into a dreadful state of panic and alarm following the revelation in the Atlas of Creation of hundreds of pieces of evidence that demolish the theory of evolution, is now shared by the Turkish daily Hürriyet! The newspaper shares the ignorance of Dawkins, who on his web site described the picture of an insect in the Atlas of Creation that was actually a model as an error and thus attempts to cover up the powerful global impact of the Atlas, and imagines that this somehow represents a great discovery.

The model insect pictured in the Atlas of Creation is that of an organism that is still alive today and of which fossil specimens dating back millions of years have also been found. Whether or not it is a model makes no difference. What matters is that this insect that lived millions of years in the past is still living, in exactly the same form, today.

The mummified originals of many life forms in existence today are pinned up and displayed in a wide variety of locations. This does not show that these organisms are not alive; on the contrary, the public are shown these models as examples of these living organisms.

The fossil in amber here is genuine; it is a 25-million-year-old caddis fly in Dominican amber. Either a model or a picture could be used to express the fact that the creature is still alive today. The important thing is for it to be known that it is still alive. The fact that demolishes evolution is that the creature has remained unchanged for millions of years and that it completely refutes evolution.

In addition, Dawkins, who for some reason seeks to “give the impression that he attaches great importance to details,” and Hürriyet ignore the fact that a specimen of this creature that is still living today has for a long time been exhibited on the Fossil Museum web site. The fact is, however, that anyone who so wishes can inspect a picture of the caddis fly that is still alive today and that Dawkins and Hürriyet are trying to turn into an instrument of speculation by visiting


25 million years

Dominican Republic

Note that on his web site Richard Dawkins never goes into the question of whether or not the caddis fly is still alive today, makes no comment at all about the subject, and is only interested in the nature of the picture in the Atlas of Creation. Dawkins naturally has not a word to say about the fact the creature is still living today and has never changed over the course of millions of years.

Neither does Dawkins have anything to say about the hundreds of living fossils shown on just about every page of the Atlas of Creation. As with Dawkins, a profound silence reigns among other evolutionists, too, in the face of this highly significant fossil evidence. He prefers to remain silent rather than admit that he has no explanation to give, no counter-evidence to submit in the face of this evidence that totally demolishes evolution.

Dawkins has eventually managed to track down a picture of a model in the Atlas of Creation, whose three volumes totalling 2300 pages contain hundreds of living fossils that definitively refute evolution, and is attempting to portray this as a mistake. Evolutionists are unable to swallow the fact that there is not a single mistake in the book, which proves that organisms living millions of years ago are still living today. Dawkins’ fruitless endeavour merely shows how accurate and effective the Atlas of Creation is. This goes to show that the Atlas of Creation has been instrumental in evolution’s heading for a total collapse.

Joe Morreale said...

By the way the publicity bit has ALREADY BEEN DONE BY HY WITH HIS ATLAS OF CREATION which has placed the deception and scientific fallacy of the fairy tale of evolution MORE AND MORE IN THE OPEN.

Dawkins hide behind the secular establishment and when asked to to try and prove his case in a public debate with harun Yahya he

Richard Dawkins has responded to our request for a face-to-face debate: "I HAVE VOWED NOT TO DEBATE," he says. What this actually means is, "I have been defeated on the subject of Darwinism. I have no intention of debating with anyone and being humiliated."

But it is not clear exactly what he has vowed by. He has obviously not vowed by Allah, since he says he does not believe in Him. There is no doubt he would lose any debate. It is also clear that he will continue to mislead people with no knowledge of Darwinism. Sooner or later, however, these people come to realise that Darwinism is a deception when they visit Harun Yahya’s web sites and finally see the truth. And they will also continue to do so in the future, by Allah’s leave.

For the last 150 years Darwinists have been utterly terrified of one thing: the exposure of their lies! They strive with all the means at their disposal to prevent the exposure of the fraudulent nature of the theory of evolution, which they have desperately tried to keep alive as an unshakeable ideology, a religion, ever since Darwin’s time. In order to maintain this lie they resort to hoaxes, exhibit fake fossils in museums, hurriedly conceal all fossils unearthed (because these refute the theory of evolution), and employ demagoguery to answer all those many subjects for which the theory of evolution cannot account. In order to maintain this lie, they have bestowed a kind of immunity on the theory of evolution. So much so that evolution has become unquestionable and undeniable in schools, universities, workplaces, institutions of one kind or another, and even in the highest levels of the state. Although it is only a theory, evolution has been made a law which all young people have to know and abide by and which has to be protected by means of official laws and included in the official curriculum.

But what Darwinists most feared has now become a reality, and their deception has been exposed. Darwinist hoaxes have suddenly been exposed through the activities of Harun Yahya, and by his Atlas of Creation in particular. People have realised that Darwinists have attempted to hide more than 100 million fossils, and that all of these are fully-formed and flawless specimens, hundreds of millions of years old, of life forms, most of which are still in existence today. The lifting of the Darwinist spell has had an explosive impact all over the world.

It was under these conditions that Richard Dawkins, one of the most dyed-in-the-wool proponents of the theory of evolution and nicknamed "Darwin’s Rottweiler," was invited to take part in a public debate. He was asked whether or not he was able to refute the evidence demolishing Darwinism and how he would defend the theory in the face of the proofs of Creation.

But Dawkins declined to enter into any debate! We received a response from Dawkins to our request for a face-to-face debate: "I HAVE WOWED NOT TO DEBATE." What this actually means is, "I have been defeated on the subject of Darwinism. I have no intention of debating with anyone and being humiliated."

Of course Richard Dawkins cannot enter into any such debate, because he will be unable to answer the questions put to him:

He will be unable to account for the more than 100 million fossils that have been unearthed and point to the existence of perfect and flawless life forms. He will be unable explain how it is that THEY HAVE REMAINED UNCHANGED FOR HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF YEARS and why THEY HAVE NOT ANY FORERUNNER WITH INTERMEDIATE FORM CHARACTERISTICS.
He will be unable to explain, as he has been unable to in the past, why THERE IS NOT A SINGLE INTERMEDIATE FORM among all the many millions of fossils that have been unearthed.
He will be unable to account for the fossil skulls, millions of years old, that are identical to present-day tigers, horses, elephants, turtles, wolves, birds, rabbits, foxes, zebras, deer and other life forms, in terms of the theory of evolution. He will be unable to explain how it is that life forms appeared MILIONS OF YEARS AGO WITH THE SAME APPEARANCE THEY STILL HAVE TODAY and HOW THEY HAVE NOT CHANGED OVER MILLIONS OF YEARS.
He would have to admit that the horse series, Piltdown Man, Nebraska Man, Haeckel’s drawings, dinosaur fossils with feathers stuck on them and peppered moths pinned to tree trunks ARE ALL HOAXES.
He would have to admit that the fossils, numbering no more than a handful, that Darwinists have portrayed as intermediate forms have all been scientifically discredited, THAT THE FOSSIL OF A PERFECTLY FORMED FLYING BIRD CONTEMPORANEOUS WITH ARCHAEOPTERYX, depicted as an example of the transition from land to air, HAS BEEN DISCOVERED, THAT THE COELACANTH, which they cited as an example of the transition from water to land, IS STILL LIVING TODAY, and THAT LUCY HAS GONE DOWN IN HISTORY AS AN APE.
He will have no answer to the question of WHY THEY HID AWAY Cambrian fossils, living fossils that were unearthed subsequently, and finally 100 million fossils that exist today.
He will have nothing to say on the subject of the probability of a single functional protein, the building blocks of life, emerging by chance is just 1 in 10-950, and that in mathematical terms this means zero possibility. He will be unable to explain how life could have formed as a result of coincidences when not even a single cell can be manufactured under laboratory conditions.
All these facts make it perfectly clear why Richard Dawkins is reluctant to take part in any debate. Rather than embarrassing himself on subjects regarding which all his claims have collapsed and which he can never answer, he thinks he has found a way out by saying "I have vowed not to debate."

Under such circumstances, the side that resorts to demagoguery because it tells falsehoods employs another demagogic tactic by claiming that the other side is solely concerned with publicising itself. This tradition is still being adhered to today, and Dawkins maintains that Creationists have asked for a debate for reasons of show. What he forgets, however, is this: The desired wide-ranging publicity and presentation HAVE ALREADY TAKEN PLACE THROUGH THE ATLAS OF CREATION. The world has been introduced to 100 MILLION FOSSILS. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED THAT THESE ARE PROOFS OF CREATION. It is therefore ludicrous to maintain that any minor debate would serve as publicity. The debate is important in terms of showing the whole world, in Dawkins’ own words, that he is mistaken. The world is already well aware that the theory of evolution and Dawkins’ claims have collapsed and been totally uprooted.

The sad truth for Darwinists is that the concrete evidence, fossils in other words, cannot be denied. What they never expected was for all fossils to prove the fact of Creation and that these fossils, hidden away so carefully from the public gaze, would one day be shown to the world and have a truly stunning impact on it. They have been totally silenced by the shock impact of the Atlas of Creation. Demagoguery is now meaningless since the concrete evidence has been brought out into the daylight. That is also the reason for Dawkins’ shock. It certainly seems impossible for him to agree to a debate in the face of all this evidence that all the world has seen.

Joe Morreale said...

The Evolutionist Tradition Of Concealing Fossils
General / 2008-08-30

Darwinism is such terrible a lie that,

- For 150 years it convinced people that living things had evolved.
- It convinced people they were descended from ape-likes.
- The theory was treated as a scientific one, even though it possessed not a shred of scientific evidence.
- Efforts were made to give the impression that intermediate forms existed, though not a single one has ever been found.
- Although not a single protein has ever been manufactured in the laboratory, the diversity of life was still ascribed to chance.
- All of humanity was indoctrinated with the lie that unconscious, uncontrolled, inanimate atoms combined together in a random manner and gave rise to states, civilisations and scientists who examine their own cells in the laboratory.
- In doing all this, of course, it used only lies, fraud and demagoguery.

Darwinism is such a terrible lie that the proponents of this ideology had no hesitation over producing hoax fossils and exhibiting these for 40 years. Darwinists have made a habit of resorting to fraud in order to invent intermediate fossils. They have no reluctance over taking fossils of perfect living things and using them to invent a whole evolutionary scenario. They have countless scenarios about the imaginary first cell, but they are unable to account for the emergence of even one of that imaginary cell’s thousands of proteins. They say that mutations cause evolution, but they have been unable to endow a single living thing with any advantageous trait by way of mutation even in the controlled laboratory environment.

For that reason, they have sought a solution in fraud. Helpless in the face of the fossil record’s failure to support their theory, Darwinists have taken fossils belonging to flawless life forms and interpreted them according to their own desires, and have even resorted to blatant fraud.

They manufactured the Piltdown Man hoax, exhibited for 40 years, by adding the jaw bone of a recently deceased orang utan to a human skull, and the Nebraska Man fraud by producing representations of him and his supposed family on the basis of a single boar’s tooth. They have engaged in propaganda to the effect that natural selection causes evolution, by adding feathers to dinosaur fossils or pinning peppered moths to the trunks of trees. For years, the portrayed the Coelacanth as an intermediate form, and were surprised when it transpired that the creature was still alive today. They came up with an imaginary “scenario of equine evolution,” although horse fossils dating back 53 million years were identical to horses alive today, but eventually had to confess that this, too, was a fraud.

They tried to use hoax embryo drawings to explain the supposed evolution of man. But they then had to retract that false scenario when Haeckel, the author of the drawings, admitted that “many hoaxes had been perpetrated in the name of the theory of evolution, and that he therefore had no compunctions about doing so.”

In short, Darwinism is a lie. EVOLUTIONISTS FEEL THE NECESSITY TO CONCEAL FOSSILS because their hoaxes have constantly been exposed, and because all genuine fossils refute evolution.

Darwinists Hastily Hide away a Fossil the Moment They Find It, As They Did with Cambrian Fossils

Fossils are one of the main forms of evidence to refute evolution. One hundred million fossils unearthed from the various strata of the earth and revealing that living things remain unchanged since the moment of their first creation represent an insoluble dilemma for evolutionists. The fact that each one of the fossils they should have used to verify their own theory in reality confirmed the truth of Creation lead Darwinists to hide fossils away. They were unwilling for people to see and know about them. They did this a great deal in the past and are still doing it today. They spend hours, many pages, talking about the false demagoguery of evolution. Yet to date they have said not a word about the one hundred million fossils that currently exist. Millions of fossils have been unearthed as a result of a constant stream of excavations all over the world. But there are no museums in which Darwinists exhibit these. They have never put them on display. We know that millions of fossils have been unearthed, but they are nowhere to be seen. And this is a Darwinist strategy used all the time.

One of the most significant examples of this is the fossils discovered in Canada’s Burgess Shale region in 1909 by the palaeontologist Charles Doolittle Walcott. He was quick to hide these perfect fossils, the result of 4 years of excavations and some 530 million years old, away.

But why?

The reason is that the 530-million-year-old fossils in question definitively refute and eliminate evolution. These fossils belong to a time known as the Cambrian Period. Yet according to evolutionists that was a time when nothing should have been alive apart from single-celled life forms, or a few multi-celled ones devoid of complex, basic structures. According to the myth of evolution, it was impossible for there to be anything else.

But these Cambrian Period fossils were the harbingers of doom for evolutionists. The fossils in question reveal that life forms from that time had the same complexity as living things today, and declare that the present variety of life, and even a greater variety, emerged all of a sudden. Moreover, no fictitious, primitive forerunner showing that these life forms were descended from others ever existed. These fossils exhibit a perfect complexity at a time when, according to evolutionists, living things were in a completely primitive state, and loudly declare that living things were created in a single moment, with the appearances they still possess today. This tolls the death knell of Darwinism and spells its total collapse. Darwinists have a habit of resorting to demagoguery on subjects they are unable to explain, but it is impossible for them to say anything at all about the variety of life that emerged 530 years ago.

Indeed, as the late Harvard palaeontologist Stephen Jay Gould has said, the fossil record, and Cambrian fossils in particular, was Darwin’s greatest worry:

The fossil record had caused Darwin more grief than joy. Nothing distressed him more than the Cambrian explosion, the coincident appearance of almost all complex organic designs...[1]

That explains why Walcott, a dyed-in-the-wool evolutionist, RESORTED TO HIDING THE FOSSILS AWAY.

These magnificent Cambrian fossils WERE CONCEALED FOR 70 YEARS.

The Burgess Shale fossils only emerged into the light of day in 1985, when the museum archives were re-examined. The Israeli scientist Gerald Schroeder makes this comment on the subject:

Had Walcott wanted, he could have hired a phalanx of graduate students to work on the fossils. But he chose not to rock the boat of evolution. Today fossil representatives of the Cambrian era have been found in China, Africa, the British Isles, Sweden, Greenland. The explosion was worldwide. But before it became proper to discuss the extraordinary nature of the explosion, the data were simply not reported.[2]

The Parrot Fossil Concealed for 40 Years

The concealment of the Cambrian fossils was no isolated event. Hiding fossils is a Darwinist tradition. A 65-million-year-old parrot jaw fossil was hidden from the public gaze for many years because it reveals that parrots are living fossils that have remained unaltered for millions of years and thus invalidates the theory of evolution. That was the state of affairs until one researcher, a University of California, Berkeley graduate by the name of Thomas Stidham, decided to investigate the fossil collection in the Berkeley Paleontological Museum. Subsequent analysis of the fossil revealed that it represented the oldest-known parrot fossil to date and was contemporaneous with the dinosaurs. X-ray scans of the 13-cm fossil showed that a “K”-shaped feature on the fossil (constituting blood vessel and nerve pathways) is identical to that in modern-day parrots. Darwinists resorted to HIDING THE FOSSIL AWAY FOR 40 YEARS in order to conceal that fact.

100 Million Fossils Unknown Fossils

The Darwinist tactic of hiding fossils away continues in great secrecy even today. Most people are unaware that to date more than 100 million fossils have been unearthed across the globe. Specimens known as living fossils that reveal that life forms have never changed even over millions of years were hidden away by Darwinists for many long years, with only a few examples ever reaching the public gaze. That explains why people scanning scientific publications or the internet only encountered these few, well-known examples in their search for living fossils: there was a Ginkgo leaf, a nautilus, an okapi… For years, just about everyone imagined that the world contained just a few examples of living fossils and these were very seldom in any way surprising. They had no idea that that there were millions of living fossils, comprised of just about all life forms, wolves, horses, rabbits, turtles, and almost all species of fish, bird and reptile.

The sole reason for this is that Darwinists have kept these 100 million fossils carefully hidden away.

Why Do Darwinists Feel the Need to Conceal Fossils?

Because fossils refute evolution. The fossil record contains not a single intermediate form fossil. The entire existing fossil record, 100 million specimens, consists of perfect-looking, complete and flawless life forms. Living fossils comprise a very significant part of these 100 million fossils. The unearthing of just a few of these, even just 4 or 5, would sound the death knoll of the theory of evolution. That is why Darwinists have panicked when confronted by 100 million fossils.

In the same way that they felt they had to hide away the glorious living fossils from the Cambrian Period for 70 years, they are now trying to keep this magnificent collection that totally refutes evolution from being seen.

That is why Darwinists have made such great efforts to keep the fossil record covered up. The theory of evolution is totally discredited in the face of these 100 million fossils. And it is the Atlas of Creation that has announced this. The Atlas of Creation has told the whole world of the existence of 100 million sublime-looking living fossils, just when Darwinists were least expecting it.

The Atlas of Creation: The Re-action Darwinists Never Expected

The Atlas of Creation has neutralised the Darwinist strategy. People have suddenly learned that there are more than 100 million fossils in the world and that not one is a transitional form of the kind that might verify evolution. This reality, that they were so keen to keep concealed, has now been put on public display, with full illustrations, and even in fossil exhibitions. People have seen and touched them. All these 100 million fossils are perfect, and all prove the fact of Creation. Some belong to perfect and extinct life forms, and most are living fossils. Darwinists found themselves confronted by the Atlas of Creation when they were least expecting it. People have been given full details of the proofs of Creation. Thus the Darwinists’ attempts to conceal these fossils for so many years has finally exploded in their faces.

The whole world is now aware of the invalidity of evolution. Presidents make unequivocal references to it. The entire world says it now believes in God, with 90% of people in polls conducted on well-known web sites saying they believe that God created living things. The theory of evolution, which was adopted officially in the whole world and protected by national laws, has suddenly become a questionable theory devoid of any evidence, and states are making considerable attempts to have it removed from the school curriculum. That is the result of fossils that had been carefully concealed finally emerging into the light of day.

The fake Darwinist success of the last 150 years or so, obtained through deception, fraud and the concealment of evidence refuting evolution, has suddenly turned to ashes. Darwinists have suffered a shock defeat, just when they thought that they had the whole world in their grasp and had turned their theory into an immutable law. This is a re-action, expected by Muslims and occurring at a time of God’s choosing. Because God has promised Muslims that He will eliminate falsehood and consolidate the truth.

Say: “My Lord hurls forth the Truth – the Knower of all unseen things.” Say: “The Truth has come. Falsehood cannot originate or regenerate.” (Surah Saba’, 48-49)

[1] Gould, Stephen J., The Panda's Thumb, 1980, ss. 238-239
[2] Gerald Schroeder, Evolution: Rationality vs. Randomness,

Anonymous said...

Caddis Fly in the Atlas of Creation? Look very carefully here -,3151,Zehirli-Yilanlar-Kaygan-Yilanbaliklari-ve-Harun-Yahya,Richard-Dawkins (or here -,2833,UPDATED-Venomous-Snakes-Slippery-Eels-and-Harun-Yahya,Richard-Dawkins if you want the English version).

Personally I have never seen a caddis fly with a steel hook coming out of its nether regions. I have seen such a thing in a fishing lure though.

Anonymous said...

Oh - and the Joe Morreale comments? They are simply cut and pasted from Harun Yahya sites.

Joe never pastes any of his own material.

Joe Morreale said...


Unlucky Pebbles (eppeist)

The comment above regarding the fishing lure which is expained above in detail is a model.

Even though i often use cut and pastes it does not bother me one bit as i am only cutting and pasting the truth which has been made readily available.

The truth will forever torment you and your followers.

There is no object worthy of worship but God and Muhammad (saas) is his last and final Messenger.

The problem is for the likes of you one of SUBMISSION.
The truth is evident and manifest and remains firm always.

Joe Morreale said...


Unlucky Pebbles (eppeist)

The comment above regarding the fishing lure which is expained above in detail is a model.

Even though i often use cut and pastes it does not bother me one bit as i am only cutting and pasting the truth which has been made readily available.

The truth will forever torment you and your followers.

There is no object worthy of worship but God and Muhammad (saas) is his last and final Messenger.

The problem is for the likes of you one of SUBMISSION.
The truth is evident and manifest and remains firm always.

Anonymous said...

I am a Baha'i. I know that Muhammad is not the final prophet. The most recent one is Baha'u'llah, and he will by no means be the last. They come at approximate intervals of a thousand years, for our guidance, and boy do we need it. As a Baha'i I believe in the harmony of religion and science. I have no objection to the theory of evolution. Despite the comments expressed on this web page its truths are borne out time and time again. Those who oppose it live in fear of this because it conflicts with their world view so they fight a sad and hopeless rear-guard action to stifle truth. But truth will prevail. Read the Baha'i revelation and step forward out of the shadowy gloom.

Anonymous said...

"...He will be unable to account for the fossil skulls, millions of years old, that are identical to present-day tigers, horses, elephants, turtles, wolves, birds, rabbits, foxes, zebras, deer and other life forms, in terms of the theory of evolution..." Even a layman can tell that the "millions of years old" "fossil skulls" that Yahya has on his site are mostly plaster fakes with embedded animal teeth and/or recent animal skulls made to look like like unearthed fossils. For someone always accusing "evolutionists" of lying and forgery, this guy takes the cake in that department.

Projection, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Mad Joe Morreale wrote:

"The truth (evolution) will forever torment you and your followers."

Does it torment you so much that you have to rant against it every opportunity that you get, Joe?

"There is no object worthy of worship but God and Muhammad is his last and final Messenger."

There is no object worthy of worship full stop, Joe. Why would any self respecting godlike being even need worship eh? Not very godlike if you think about it, which is what religious people never seem to do much.
If Muhammad is the final messenger, then good riddance. can you tell Allah, God and Yahweh to get lost and leave us humans alone? We have the flying spaghetti monster to make us laugh now.

"The problem is for the likes of you one of SUBMISSION.
The truth is evident and manifest and remains firm always."

Joe you should submit to some reality and a course of therapy.
As to the truth. You aren't gonna find it with your head stuck in a holy book. Get some training as a scientist and start investigating the universe by the scientific method and you may just start to make some headway.

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