Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Spend 15 minutes and watch Scott Atran's speech on why some young people join ISIS

by Salman Hameed

Last week I organized a panel on The phenomeon of ISIS through the eyes of cognitive science and it was a fantastic learning experience. If you are interested in a nuanced understanding of why young European Muslims join groups like ISIS, watch this short speech by Scott Atran. Of course, it is not about clash of civilizations - but rather about young people growing up in a globally connected world.  In particular, listen to his solutions from 7 minutes on and the problem with our existing counter-narratives to ISIS. This is an excellent talk based on interview data combined with social science, psychology, and anthropology.


DonE said...

Always excited to see Atran speak to contemporary life, thanks for bringing the conference to us.

Salman Hameed said...

Yes - and he is spot on here. I'm reading ISIS: The State of Terror by Stern and Berger - and it is quite good. Much of its focus is on its media strategy.

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