Friday, October 03, 2014

Video Contest for Eqbal Ahmed Centre for Public Education

by Salman Hameed

The Eqbal Ahmed Centre for Pubic Education is soliciting 8-minute videos for on the topic of Pakistan: How to Make a Better Society. And yes, you can get a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 and your work feature in the Karachi Literature Festival in February 2015.

Here are the details from the EACPE website:
The competition seeks to raise awareness and encourage activism on important social issues, and encourage the use of new media in Pakistan.
Submissions for 2014 may deal with any of the following:
  1. Citizenship: What are the rights and responsibilities of being a citizen of Pakistan?
  2. Minority Rights: Issues of Pakistan’s religious and ethnic minorities.
  3. Terrorism: Why is Pakistan afflicted and what’s to be done?
  4. Labour: The working poor, women, domestic servants.
  5. Cities: How can they be made livable for all?
  6. Nature: What are we doing to the environment and how to save it?
  7. Disasters: Natural and man-made. How should Pakistan prepare?


  • Each video shall be approximately 8 minutes in duration.
  • Submitted videos shall be original and must not have been circulated earlier.
  • Entries must be uploaded by Dropbox to by 20 December, 2014.
  • Results will be announced by 20 January, 2015.
  • Any person may submit an entry.
  • Please write to to let us know you are planning to submit a video.
  • Language may be Urdu or English.
The entries will be judged on content, creativity, imagery, story and technical quality by a panel of activists, experts and film makers.
EACPE may be able to provide use of its studio and technical facilities in Islamabad to prospective contest entrants. Please write to to request this.

The three winning entries will:

  1. Receive a cash award of Rs. 50,000 each. An exceptional entry may qualify for an additional Rs. 25,000.
  2. Be showcased on the EACPE website at
  3. Be featured in the Karachi Literature Festival, 7-9 February, 2015.


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