Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Brazilian religious landscape

by Salman Hameed

There is a new Pew report out that looks at Brazilian religious landscape. Brazil has has the largest Roman Catholic population (123 million) but Protestants and the unaffiliated have been making grounds for the past couple of decades. Here are the religious affiliations in Brazil:

And by numbers here:
The Pew report also looked at religious affiliations with respect to age, gender, education and urban-rural divide. Interestingly, the differences are not that significant for most categories. For example, here is the distribution with respect to age:

There is a slight age factor in the Unaffiliated group. But compare this with the US, where the age-divide is much more pronounced with this group. Here are the unaffiliated in the US:

The urban-rurual divide, however, is more pronounced in the comparison of urban and rural Brazilian populations. By the way, a staggering 84% of Brazilians live in urban areas. In any case, here is the distribution with respect to various religions:
Read the full report here.


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