Saturday, February 16, 2013

RSoP event in Islamabad: Science, Rationality and Modernity

by Salman Hameed

I won't be in Islamabad, but here is your chance to attend a seminar organized by Rationalist Society of Pakistan and Khudi on February 21st:
Science, Rationality and ModernitySeminar, Islamabad, Pakistan (15:00 PST, 21st of Feb, 2013) 
The speakers are Dr. Mobarak Haider (Author Civilizational Narcissism aka Tehzeebi Nargasiyat) and Dr. Khalid Masood (Ex-Member Pakistan Ideological Council and Judge Shariat Court). The authors will speak on the history, advantages and the need of Rationality for Muslims for the advancement in Science and solution of contemporary problems in the context of modern world.
You can find more information about the event and about registration here. If you attend the event, write about it in the comments. And here is the poster for the event:


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