Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Second Floor cafe in Karachi highlighted on NPR

by Salman Hameed

I have been lucky to have given three talks at one of the coolest cafes in Pakistan: The Second Floor (T2F). I have always found the atmosphere electric and a very high level of questions and discussions. One of the persons behind T2F is Zaheer Kidvai - and I have known him since 1989-90. He helped and guided us in organizing AMASTROPAK - our nascent amateur astronomical society in Karachi. In fact, he provided us with some space in his office as well.

So it is an absolute pleasure to know that in the midst of all the negative news from Pakistan, NPR discovered T2F. Here is the story: Pakistani Cafe is Oasis in Desert of Civil Discourse. Congrats to Sabeen Mahmud, who is the backbone of T2F.

And here is my post after giving a talk there in 2009 as part of their Science ka Adda (Cafe Scientifique) series (some pictures from the talk here). Here is T2F in its various shades:


Akbar said...

I would appreciate if you would arrange a talk session with the members of Karachi Astronomers Society on your future visits there. I believe they can benefit a lot with your expertise and knowledge sharing. A lot has been happening on that front with limited available resources in that chaotic city, where astronomy still finds a way to live on and prosper through the society's dedicated members. As far as the "annoying me" is concerned...I am thousands of miles away in a different hemisphere, so hopefully wouldn't be there to create nuisance :-)

Salman Hameed said...

I thought we were on a peace treaty now... :)

And yes, absolutely. I would love to give a talk again over there. Your brother was also there, I think, at the 2009 talk.

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