Saturday, December 08, 2012

Saturday Video: Living on Mars

by Salman Hameed

Should humans colonize Mars? What if we find Martian microbes living there? This is a tough question. We had a discussion of that in class. Like Sagan, I'm of the opinion that if we find life on Mars, then we should leave Mars for the Martians. Others, like Zubrin, have argued that we should not alter our plans for some pesky microbes. Then we Chris McKay who argues that if we find life on Mars, it will be our responsibility to maximize its potential to live. So at a time when Curiosity is beginning its experiments there, here is the first part of Living on Mars (there are 5 ten minute segments). Enjoy!

And as a bonus, if you are further interested in the topic, here is a lecture on the ethics of terraforming Mars by Chris McKay:


Akbar said...

We wouldn't like super advanced aliens (if they exist out there) to eradicate us like pests and take over our planet, shall we? Live and let them live if they are found.

Akbar said...

The first video link is unavailable in Australia. Is there an alternative link?

Salman Hameed said...

I could find only one link...

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