Sunday, October 21, 2012

Islam and Evolution Panel in Boston on October 24th

by Salman Hameed

I will be participating in a discussion over Islam and Evolution on Boston University campus this coming Wednesday (Oct 24th). The event is organized by American Islamic Congress and its Project Nur (they had another event in Iowa this past April on Cosmology and Islam. Also see this post). I'm excited about the event. The panel is fantastic - so I hope this will be a lively session.

If you live in or near the Boston area, come to the program.

Here is the full announcement:

Reconciling Muslim Tradition and the Theory of Evolution 
Time: Wednesday October 24, 2012 6:00 pm
Venue: Boston University Photonics Center Colloquium Room
Address:  8 Saint Mary’s Street, 9th Floor, Boston, MA 02215
Halal food will be served. 
To reserve your free ticket, click here. 
The fascinating dialogue between science and Christianity has gone on for centuries. But we seldom hear a public debate on intersection of Islam and science. That is why American Islamic Congress and Project Nur have launched a groundbreaking series of public dialogues to illuminate the relationships Muslims have with the sciences.
This fall’s dialogue at Boston University will focus on one of the most contentious issues in the field – evolution. Top scholars from across the sciences will meet to explore how men and women of Muslim backgrounds reconcile evolutionary theory with scripture, theology, and personal belief – or whether they do so at all. 
Keynote: Salman Hameed, Associate Professor of Integrated Sciences and Humanites at Hampshire College and Director of the Center for the Study of Science in Muslim Societies 
Panelists: Ehab Abouheif, Research Chair in Evolutionary Developmental Biology and Principal Investigator, Abouheif Lab, McGill University; Rana Dajani, Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology and Director, Centre for Studies, Hashemite University; Omar Sultan Haque, Postdoctoral Fellow, Psychology, Harvard University and Psychiatry and Law, Harvard Medical School, and Co-Director, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, American Unit.
In addition, Elise Burton from Harvard University will be moderating the session.


S. Ali said...

Any chance to introduce my book there, Salman?

Salman Hameed said...


The topic is a bit different (on evolution) and plus, I haven't read your book. Plus, it appears (and I'm pretty sure) that our perspectives and approaches are quite different on these matters, and I personally cannot provide an endorsement. Apologies.

S. Ali said...

Thanks, Salman. Not that I wanted you to endorse the book. But please do mention it whenever possible. You may say that you are pretty sure that our perspectives are very different. I have no objection to that.

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