Thursday, March 01, 2012

Letting evolution animation evolve

by Salman Hameed

Here is an unusual animation about evolution:

Well, there is a reason for this strangeness. From Bora Zivkovic:
Tyler Rhodes, a student in the animation program at Virginia Commonwealth University, wanted to create an evolution animation that wasn’t simply linear, but instead represented the true ‘tree-like’ process. So he enlisted the help of elementary school students and involved them in a type of game. They made sketches based on one original sketch, and allowed the resulting diversity to dictate survival of the fittest to future generations.
You can read more about the process of this animation with Carin Bondar: An Evolution Evolution Unlike Any You've Seen Before...


Gary said...

Pity the start of the video was marred by a pop-up ad for Ken Hams crackpot creation seminars.

AnotherAnonymous said...

Interesting. Here is another great one. ;)

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