Thursday, February 02, 2012

Facebook users in the Muslim world

by Salman Hameed

So as of last month, Pakistan had roughly 6 million Facebook users (about 3% of population). Egypt - 9 million (11%). Malaysia - 12 million (42% of population!). Indonesia - 41 million (17% of population)!

This is just to give you a snapshot of the diversity of Facebook use in some of the more populated Muslim-majority countries. The correspondence of internet users and facebook users is almost 1 to 1 in Indonesia.

As for Pakistan, I found this graphic in today's Tribune. This pattern is most likely true at least for most of the developing world:

And here is a bit more info on users in Pakistan (I'm actually unsure as to how we lost a million people in the graphic below. I thought all stats were for 18 and above).

Indeed this is an elite educated group (3% of the population). I don't have similar stats for Indonesia or Malaysia, but it will be interesting to see if there are differences in gender fractions and/or education levels. In Malaysia, the distribution between different religious/ethnic groups will also be fascinating.


Gary said...

The first graphic is a bit off too. There are 100 dots in it, but the dots don't exactly relate to percentages. For example the 64+ age group at 1.4% has 3 dots equal to 3% and the next group down at just over 3% has 7 dots = 7%. The age group with 55% of the use only has 45% of the dots. I wonder what the numeracy levels are like among Pakistan's journalists?

Anonymous said...

Are Ahmedis allowed to use facebook in Pakistan?

AnotherAnonymous said...

Anonymous, any Muslim regardless of their sect is allowed to use Facebook in Pakistan. No one can screen who is behind the computer. :P

Salman Hameed said...

Gary - yes, quantitative skills are not the strong suite of journalists there :)

Facebook page design said...

Hi Salman,

This is a great graph, no idea it was this diverse although it seems that their user base is growing a lot outside of the US which seemed like it was the dominant area at the start, in seems to me that facebook can reach just about everyone these days, even my grandparents have heard of it!

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