Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday Video: NOVA's "What is Space"?

by Salman Hameed

I'm still in Ghent, Belgium and have had a fantastic time attending attending a workshop on analyzing creationist movements in Europe. Heading back to the US tomorrow.

In the mean time, here is the first episode of Nova's The Fabric of the Cosmos, "What is Space"? It is good and some of the graphics are fantastic. But I find the hyper-kinetic editing style a bit annoying after 10 minutes. However, the material is really good with clear explanations.

If interested, you should also check out this Fresh Air interview with Brian Greene. I think he does a great job in explaining the mathematical origins of some of the ideas for multiverses, and how can some of these be tested. Also, a good short bit where he explains how String Theory solves the problems of integrating General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. Of course, we have to see if it turns out to be the way universe works. Good stuff!


Atif Khan said...

Excellent vdo. The explanation so are well done that anyone with little interest in Physics can easily understand Einstein General Relativity (which I was always confused about till now). How we get to unleash time-space fabric is dynamic. Its amazing that Einstein made such tremendous contributions by using such routine observations. Also the explanation of Higgs Boson was excellent (that ocean abd celebrities example).

Still need same kind of explanation regarding String or M theory as I am far from comprehending it :).

Thanks a bunch again for sharing such wonderful stuff.

Asad M said...

Yes it`s a good series. @Atif, episode#2 'Illusion of Time' is also on youtube now. I would also recommend 'The Elegant Universe'(available on google video & youtube) or read the book by the same author Briane Greene who explains String Theory very well.

Atif Khan said...

Thanks Asad for sharing the info. Please share your GTalk or FB ID so we can share stuff more often.

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