Friday, August 26, 2011

Beautiful day today in the northeast...

And then of course we have Irene coming up:

But it is kinda a cool that we can see that the storm is coming. This is perhaps one of the best justifications for science. It used to be that such storms would hit and wipe out unsuspected populations. God was blamed (or given credit) for the destruction. Now, there are evacuations before the storm. It is not that there is no destruction - there still is, especially in earthquakes - but we are beginning to understand nature a lot more.

So while Irene is coming, I'm glad I'm living in the 21st century. A 100 years ago, we would have been fooled by this perfectly beautiful day today (despite the proverbial calm before the storm). On the other hand, 100 years from now, hopefully, we'll be able to diffuse hurricanes like these altogether. Oh - wait. This is the Enlightenment talking - a deep belief in human progress. Well - yes - then I do count myself as an optimist.

Bring it on Irene :)

And here is Neil Young for this weekend:


Akbar said...

A single hurricane contain more energy than the entire mankind can consume in its entire evolutionary timeline (I guess). May be in hundred years, we may not only be able to dissipate the storm but also harness the huge hidden powerhouse of nature in this swirling weather system for our use. Same with the earthquakes. Just a vision :-)

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