Saturday, July 02, 2011

Saturday Video: On Deciphering the Indus Script

Here is a TED talk by Rajesh Rao on the efforts to decipher the Indus script: A Rosetta Stone for the Indus Script. I also remember reading about the Indus Valley Civilization in school from 7th grade onwards. It is quite amazing that the language has not been deciphered even after 4,000 years, but it seems that we are getting closer. Enjoy!


Akbar said...

Excellent presentation. Though I don't think it was nice to see a politicized map of South Asia with entire northern areas of Pakistan shown as Indian territory, an unmistakable bias of the presenter that lurks between the lines. What he really missed is that perhaps the Indus Valley script was a bit more widespread than he has suggested. This script shows stunning similarity to the Rongorongo script of Easter Island lying at exact antipode to the Indus valley (Harappa to be more precise) on the other side of the globe. (Can be a hoax I am not sure, check this link: )

Akbar said...

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