Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Saudis in Audis" - funny but Audis still only for men

It has been fun in Doha.. However, after back-to-back conferences, I'm ready to go back home. This was my first time in both Dubai and Doha, and I know that this is summer. But - it's hot here! It is like a hair dryer running all the time! I was under the impression that the heat would subside soon after the sunset. Not so the case in these cities. I guess, unlike the desert sand, the concrete of the cities keep a good fraction of the nights warm.

So while I travel back, here is 'Saudis with Audis' for your entertainment purposes (tip Heck it even has a Doug Floutie reference.

In the mean time, Saudi Arabia is trying to keep things surreal. In the second decade of the 21st century women still can't drive in the Kingdom. Just yesterday, the police detained 5 women for driving! Mind you, this is not even about equal rights - those fights are still a ways off. This is about the right to drive. Then it will be about the right to leave the country without the permission of the husband, and then perhaps, we will get to voting rights.

All of this makes me even more furious about one of the participant at the Belief in Dialogue conference, who not only defended the theocracy in Saudi Arabia, but also sang its praises (see the brief mention in this post).

Sometimes Saudi Arabia seems like a place from a parallel universe in a bad sci-fi  novel.


Akbar said...

Hahaha...hilarious video :-)
By the way, Saudis were quicker to identify this greatest threat to humanity, that is, a Muslim woman. The western Europe realized it late, but they are on their course to win this ultimate battle in human history against Muslim women too, this time by banning their desired outfit. Hail all men on this planet, victory will be ours.

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