Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Dylan at 70!

by Salman Hameed

It is hard to pick which songs to put here. It is even hard to pick what is a good representative sample. In any case, here is an excellent article in Slate on the ever-changing Bob Dylan: Busy Being Born. I really like his recent albums, especially Time Out of Mind and Modern Times, but I do love his older stuff as well. So here are four different videos, spanning the last 50 years (yes, the Dylan of 1980s is missing here). Enjoy!

Subterranean Homesick Blues (from Bringing it all back home - 1965)

Tangled up in Blue (from Blood on the Tracks - 1975)

Things have Changed (from the soundtrack of the fantastic movie, Wonder Boys - from 2000. Okay so I consider this almost 1990s. In any case, I will make it up towards the end)

And Thunder on the Mountain (from Modern Times - 2006)

And to make up for the 1990s, here is a portion of Dylan's Love Sick (from Time Out of Mind - 1997) for a Victoria's Secret commercial.


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