Friday, April 01, 2011

Off-topic: More snow?

John Hale's Science & Religion lecture yesterday on the Mysteries of the Delphic Oracle was fascinating and absolutely riveting. His talk is perhaps one of the best advertisements for inter-disciplinary research: an archaeologist collaborates with a geologist and a toxicologist to uncover history associated with the Delphic oracle. And no - interdisciplinary work is no cake-walk. He talked about disagreements and tensions that inevitably result in working across disciplines. But - individually, none of them would have been able to figure out the full story. I will post the video of the talk in the next couple of weeks. I highly recommend watching the talk.

In the mean time, it is snowing again. Now, a snow storm in April in New England is not such an oddity. But this has been an especially brutal winter: bitterly cold and snowy. So seeing the ground white again is a bit disheartening. So who better to cheer us up than the weirdness of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (I absolutely love Murder Ballads and The Boatman's Call, and his screenplay and the soundtrack for the film The Proposition). So here is the video for Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow from No More Shall We Part:

Oh - and if you enjoy a bit of weirdness, you can also check out the video for Henry Lee by Nick Cave and PJ Harvey (a match made in heaven!) from his 1996 album Murder Ballads (yes, the lyrics are disturbing - but then what were you really expecting in these ballads?). 


Dr M. Akbar Hussain said...

Can't play the video from Australia (blocked here for some reason)
Here is a link you may find exciting, (of course with due respect to both scientists)


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