Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Check out "The Incident at Tower 37"

Here is a fantastic short animated film, The Incident at Tower 37, made by my colleague Chris Perry at Hampshire College. What is amazing is that he made this film in collaboration with students in a number of his classes. He has a special knack of teaching project-based courses - and this is perhaps his finest example. Just check out its animation and the fantastic story telling. This movie has also been screened at numerous film festivals, including at last year's Imagine Science Film Festival. Very cool!

Here is the short film (it is about 10 minutes long): 


Dr. M. Akbar Hussain said...

It should've had a happy conclusion. He was a good man :-(

Ali said...

I also wished the little lizard will do something to save the man. Also, I think it would have been better if there was some dialogue in it.

But, overall, a good film. :)

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