Sunday, October 31, 2010

For the sake of sanity...

Yes, I'm still at the SSSR conference in Baltimore. However, a few of us had to sneak out today to restore some sanity. It was absolutely amazing - people, people, everywhere! May be really a lot of people (though this looks a bit on the high-end).

And we definitely boosted this number with our presence - if only for a brief period of time (we had to come back for an afternoon session at the conference). You can see me on the left hand-side of the picture below:

And here is how it looked like from where we were standing - far, far, far, away from the stage:

And here are some Iranian-Americans for sanity:

Pakistan and Iran are so far away that for most Americans it probably doesn't matter who's who. So...I guess, you can count me in as an Iranian-American also... (close-enough):

How can you not like this rally?

Below here is Hans Henrik Hjermitslev (I'm so glad I only have to write his last name here, and not actually pronounce it) restoring sanity. When he is not attending rallies, he is usually working on understanding various creationist movements in Denmark. And yes, the crazy guy on the left is correct: "You are all mad":


Anonymous said...

Great blog. And after you left we had to compete with these 200 k+ folks for a place to eat. Orit

CogSciLibrarian said...

awesome photos!

Salman Hameed said...

Thanks - but where were science librarians for sanity? :)

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