Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Ali said...

I've watched this video long time back. I find it absolutely stunning!

I think it humbles one down. :)

Ali said...

Hi Salman,

Just wondered whether you know of any video where we can see the night overlapping the day and the day overlapping the night.

This is something apparently seen only by those who are fortunate enough to look at the Earth from space.

Your video reminded me of this, so thought I will ask you.

Thanks and best wishes.

Salman Hameed said...

You mean the day-night boundary on Earth? You are right, that can only be truly appreciated from space. But we can see that division on the Moon (when it is not completely full or completely new). I think it is pretty cool. I was just out recently in a country site saw the a less than full Moon with an 8-inch telescope and the shadows of the craters at the edge of light-darkness quite fantastic.

Ali said...

Yes, i mean the day-night boundary on Earth.

Any videos that you can give the link to? I don't mind even if it is the moon.

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