Friday, July 09, 2010

Jon Stewart on NASA's outreach to the Muslim world

Couple of days ago I had posted about Charles Bolden's interview with Al-Jazeera and the NASA outreach to the Muslim world. Well, as expected, the Daily Show has a take on it (and the not so surprising reaction from Fox News). Here is the clip (apologies to readers not in the US - it is probably playable only in the US):

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James Sweet said...

ABC News' spineless response reminds of me of this recent webcomic. Sad.

Salman Hameed said...

ha! Great relevant comic. Thanks.

Snuze said...

BWAHAHAHA ... I guess Sarah Palin didn't realise that a lot of the Canon Codes used as a template of the American constitution is lifted from the qanun developed by Muslim jurists near a millennium ago.

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Salman –

New reader to your blog here (and a Hampshire alum) – I have very much enjoyed the various postings (especially the ones I can follow). I just wanted to thank you particularly for this Daily Show clip, which I hadn’t seen. I have been quite stymied trying to figure out how to deal with my frustration at the anti-Cordoba House sentiment here in New York City, and was relieved to find that there could actually be humor about the whole thing. Wry humor, but nevertheless…

(In one of today’s daily papers, there was a photo of a protestor holding up a sign that says, “SEPARATE MOSQUE FROM SACRED GROUND.” Apparently the protestors do not see any irony in that sentiment. Sigh…)

Thanks for offering the option of trying to laugh instead of fume. I look forward to reading more postings.


Salman Hameed said...

Welcome to the blog, Kate, and thanks for the comment. The mosque issues is crazy and, yes, I'm glad the Daily Show can make us laugh about it...

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