Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Video: Lawrence Krauss - Science & Religion: Two Ships in the Night

Lawrence Krauss was our Science & Religion speaker this past October. Here is the video of his talk, Science and Religion: Two Ships in the Night (abstract is below the video):

At best , science and religion have very little to do with one another. At worst, they are completely incompatible. And what little connection between the two even in the best of cases involves a one-way street. Science may enrich faith, but not vice versa. Dr. Krauss will discuss modern misunderstandings of this limited connection, coming both from science as well as religion, as well as modern abuses that demean both science and faith. The origin and evolution of the universe will serve as a good (or bad) example.


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mandela said...

Science and religion both have some common issues.but it's sure that science always go after with theory's or the other hand religion always based on faith.
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