Friday, August 01, 2008

An idiot's prayer for rain (on Obama)

Even if we grant for a moment that prayers work ( they really don't), would any self-respecting god really listen to this idiot's prayer? (hat tip Religion News Service)

More remarkably, he (Stuart Shepard of Focus on the Family) makes Governor of Georgia's prayer for rain last year, seem almost reasonable.


Anonymous said...

...a perfect little pile of garbage that defines the Conservative psyche...with God on his side he self-righteously shows his contempt for Progressive people, for the rights of women and gays, and for the message of inclusion that thousands want to hear. He imagines a sneering prayer will be answered, or not, because God is in charge of the righteous destiny of religious Conservatives. They ultimately bear no responsibility for the misfortunes of others. After all, it must be the way God wants it. They believe that in God's eyes religious people are more deserving. So it pays to have a supreme authority figure who is on their side AND who frees them from the responsibilities of humanity.

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