Friday, February 01, 2008

Pope on the offensive again - this time on stem cells research

The blog postings have been a bit slow as I'm at an astronomy conference (The evolution of galaxies through the neutral hydrogen window) in Puerto Rico and the internet access has not been very reliable (but oh...I'm indeed missing the frigid temperatures of Massachusetts at this time of the year). In the mean time it seems that Pope is really getting on the offensive against science. First, the text from his undelivered La Sapienza speech basically claimed that science (and philosophy) cannot really succeed without faith/religion. Now he is going after (embryonic) stem cells research and he wants the Church to stand up for human dignity. Ok...this will require some clarification:
Pope Benedict said on Thursday that embryonic stem cell research, artificial insemination and the prospect of human cloning had "shattered" human dignity.
and how exactly this delicate dignity got shattered?

He said this included total respect for the human being as a person "from conception until natural death," and respect for the natural transmission of life through sexual intercourse.

Practices like freezing embryos, suppression of embryos in multiple pregnancies, embryonic stem cell research, the prospect of human cloning and artificial insemination outside the body had "shattered the barriers meant to protect human dignity", he said.

Yes, only natural life and natural death. None of this intervention by some medicine crap that screws up the natural possibilities of early death and other nasty diseases. Actually he does support adult stem cells research, but I don't know if even that our dignity will be able to handle it.

Lets embrace for more Papal attacks on science. Read the full story here (tip from faithworld).


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