Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Not just good...but excellent! However, only astronomers will be able to appreciate the true geekiness of this. I've had my share of cloudy/rainy/snowy observing runs at telescopes, but now I know how to spend that time constructively - make a video and upload it on Youtube. This is a job very well done! Enjoy Hotel Mauna Kea. (tip from Dynamics of Cats)

Not just bad...but dumb
. Now this is the same Sherri Shepherd who had never thought about the shape of the Earth. This time, we are getting a history lesson from her (tip from Bad Astronomer).

Not just ugly...but also full of hubris
. Yes, Biblical prophecies must be talking about an interstate highway in middle-America in the 21st century. It makes total sense. Yikes!! (tip from Pharyngula)

And thats it for today's video-roundup.


eri said...

Awesome. I just send Hotel Mauna Kea to half my dept. I've lost two 4m KPNO runs to weather this year already. Never occurred to me to make a video - we usually just go back to sleep.

Salman Hameed said...

Ah...two nights is nothing :)
Couple of years ago, I lost (all) five nights at CTIO, Chile, then 7 out of 8 nights at the INT at La Palma, all in one year.

But the video is indeed awesome! Good luck with future observing.

Matthew said...

Do you remember that time we were in DC for the football game, and back at Charles' place we channel surfed to the weeping lady with the pink plastic hair and the guys speaking in tongues on the floor?

By that standard, the 700 Club clip is pretty sane.

Salman Hameed said...

Oh...yes, that was far more scarier than this - but may be they all lived near I-35! :)

Check out the story on brain scans on people who "speak in tongues":

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