Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Creationism & Evolution: A lecture by Eugenie C. Scott

As part of Science & Religion lecture series at Hampshire College, Eugenie C. Scott gave a lecture on Creationism & Evolution: A Historical Perspective on September 27, 2007. Here is the abstract for her talk and below you will find the full video of her lecture:

Since the early part of the last century, American society has been witness to a very public dispute between those who deny the evidence for biological evolution and the scientific community that has been responsible for working to unearth and interpret that evidence. The public image presented by those who reject evolution has taken many forms over the years, from a reliance on the Bible as an inerrant text, to the more recent formulation of "intelligent design," which attempts to present the creationist argument as one of scientifically equal weight to that of evolutionary biology. Dr. Scott will discuss the history of these controversies and offer her thoughts on the future tactics of the creationists.

Dr. Eugenie C. Scott is a physical anthropologist and Executive Director of National Center for Science Education (NCSE). She is the author of Evolution vs Creationism: An Introduction and is considered the leading critic of creationism and its offshoot intelligent design.

Here is the video:


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