Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Another gem from Bill O'Reilley

This is quite funny (but you should also keep a barf bag nearby while watching this video). Yes, yes...when we run into a difficult problem, why can't we simply say "God did it" and go home? While Ben Stein can invoke Newton, Einstein, and Darwin for their beliefs, but had they really followed this "God did it" methodology, nobody would know their names today.



hedge said...

Yeah, Salman. Obviously astrobiologists et al. aren't making an effort to fill in the "obvious gaps."

You should get on that.

The Times recently published an article about KAUST. Overall, it is a pretty optimistic article. Sentences like this: "Cranes tore out mangroves and pounded the swampland with 20-ton blocks into a surface firm enough to build the campus on" make me cringe, as a biologist, but still I think it may be several steps in the right direction.

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