Monday, January 01, 2007

Intelligent Design in British schools

Its not in science classrooms yet, but ID movement is certainly gaining ground in England - a depressing way to start the new year:

THE government has cleared the way for a form of creationism to be taught in Britain’s schools as part of the religious syllabus.

Lord Adonis, an education minister, is to issue guidelines within two months for the teaching of “intelligent design” (ID), a theory being promoted by the religious right in America.

Until now the government has not approved the teaching of the controversial theory, which contradicts Darwinian evolutionary theory, the basis of modern biology.

Adonis said in a parliamentary answer: “Intelligent design can be explored in religious education as part of developing an understanding of different beliefs.”

He announced that the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) is to hold discussions with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, the assessment regulator, and said local advisory councils would decide whether particular schools should teach the theory.

Read the full story from Sunday Times: Creationism gains foothold in schools


Psiloiordinary said...

Hi Salman,

Cool blog- keep up the good work.

I run a blog covering the organisation behind the Creationist/ID activity in the UK here.



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