Sunday, December 17, 2006

William Dembski's latest attack on Judge Jones

Still smarting from last year's court decision against the teaching of Intelligent Design in Dover, PA, William Dembski (one of the main ID proponents) has been regularly attacking the presiding judge of the trial. In reaching a new low, he has come up with an animation that he is offering as a Christmas gift. You can check out the animation here, and this is what he has to say about it on the website Overwhelming Evidence:

From Bill Dembski:

"The Judge Jones School of Law" is the brainchild of brilliant professional flash animator (I think of him as the "Rembrandt" of flash animation; for now he will remain anonymous until he sees the fallout from his handiwork) as well as of me and my lovely wife Jana (who came up with the name). We present this as a Christmas gift to students everywhere. Around Christmas last year, Judge Jones did you the disservice of shafting you royally. This time it's your turn to laugh at his expense. Yes, the humor is adolescent, but is a site for adolescents, and you are, after all, the ones who got shafted, having to endure the imbecility that is Darwinism at school by being forcefed this materialist ideology in the name of science.


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