Monday, November 05, 2012

[Update]: Videos of school destruction and the blasphemy document

by Salman Hameed

[This is related to the blasphemy mess of Farooqi Girls High School. Please see these earlier posts herehereherehere and here]. 

Couple of quick things.

Here is a cell phone video of the burning of the school. What a horrific scene!

And  short news clip of burning of the school. But where is the broader outrage against the mob??

You can find a clear copy of what caused the blasphemy furore. It is quite clear that this was a mistake by the teacher. Yes, it should have been caught, but then those of us who teach also know mistakes can be made when you are in a hurry. In any case, here is the document at Brown Pundits. And in case, you are wondering how people were reacting on Facebook, check out this page: My Ideology is Islam and My Identity is Pakistan. Yikes! Some of them wanted blood there and then.

Also - here is a document from Oct 30th that shows that Umair's father was aware of the issue and that he was making an effort to diffuse the tension with the local clerics. It also clearly shows that the teacher made an unintentional mistake - but a mistake serious enough that she was also fired. None of it mattered as the school was burnt to the ground the next day.


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