Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Video: Sagan's Heikegani Crab

by Salman Hameed

Yesterday would have been Carl Sagan's 78th birthday. If I had not encountered Cosmos in 9th grade in Pakistan, I would have been a computer scientist. I still find it amazing that a dude from a distant land, through the help of a picture tube, completely altered the direction of my life. I was blown away by the Cosmic Calendar in the first episode. However, one of my favorite segments from the series is from the beginning of episode 2. A Japanese legend comes out of nowhere, and yet it fits so perfectly in the narrative of the full episode. Here is this excerpt here (you can watch the excellent full episode 2 here):


Akbar said...

I remember this episode

Atif Khan said...

Sagan will always be missed! a source of inspiration for so many of us.

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