Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Film Autopsy of "Another Earth"

by Salman Hameed

I had an earlier post about a small, independent film, Another Earth. Here is its film autopsy with Kevin Anderson:

Film Autopsy of Another Earth from kevin taylor anderson on Vimeo.

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Asad M said...

I’m yet to watch the movie and apparently it could have done without the mirror earth theme as you said ….. Well here’s a report that ranks alien worlds on the basis of Earth Similarity and Habitability

The Habitability Index is really interesting…on earth life has survived and evolved even in the most hostile of environments and even changed the face of the planet. But that is not the case on other worlds (as far as we know yet). We have seen life arise & evolve only as a result of organic-chemistry (using mostly C, O, H, N) happening in a Goldilocks kind of environment on earth, but is this chemistry the only recipe for life to arise and evolve into significant life-forms?

Can life arise in exotic conditions and be comprised of a completely different/alien chemical make-up e.g. inorganic life-forms or even unfamiliar chemical elements altogether? We are yet to know that but the best chances of finding life elsewhere would be on planets/moons similar to earth in the so-called Goldilocks Zone and that is what the astro-biologists and astronomers are doing.