Saturday, February 19, 2011

On the use of social media in the uprisings in the Middle East

by Salman Hameed

Things are turning for worse in Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain. Every country is facing its local variables. For example, Yemen is the poorest of the states, and with no discernible middle class, Bahrain uprising linked with the dissatisfaction of predominantly the majority Shi'a population, and Libya has an absence of dense city centers. All of these variables are very different than what was going on in Tunisia and Egypt. nevertheless, there is a wider call for larger public participation and also for individual rights. This is a unique and a historic time - and I hope these events will lead to an increased freedom of speech in the region along with individual rights, and also to the development of a thriving scientific culture.

Two quick things here:
Here is my short conversation with Monte a few days ago on WRSI - The River: Superpoking Mubarak, where we talk about the role of social media in the revolution/uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt (also see an earlier post: How Important is the Internet in the Tunisia Uprising?)

And then enjoy this absolutely hilarious clip from the Daily Show about the image of Muslims in the US. And yes, I totally love the pilot for the The Qu'osby Show:


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