Thursday, February 24, 2011

At Whitman College for a symposium on Global Media, Global Spectacles

by Salman Hameed

I'm currently in Seattle (for the first time), on my way to Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington. First of all, I can vouch that the west coast (and especially the north-west) is really far from the east coast. This is now an empirical and emotional observation. Second, the Seattle of my imagination has turned out to be exactly right: Rainy, cold, and dreary. But no Eddie Vedder!! I thought I'll see him as soon as I get out of the airport. Hmm.

I head over to Whitman College today to participate in a symposium on Global Media, Global Spectacles. It will be held on Saturday from 1-4pm. The title of my talk is "Navigating Modernity: Islam, Science, and Global Media", and two other speakers include Douglas Killner on "Media Spectacle and the North-Africa Arab Uprisings: Some Critical Reflections", and Shiloh Krupar on "Transnatural Camp: The Post-Nuclear Spectacle of Rocky Flats". Well, I think will be an interesting combination of topics, and these talks will be followed by two faculty discussants and three student commentators. Join us there if you are in the area.


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