Friday, January 28, 2011

Carrier pigeons now the only way to communicate in Egypt

It looks like that way. It seems that almost internet communication and most of the mobile phones have been blocked in Egypt. Here is a plot that shows how Egyptian addresses are now unreachable. Here is another plot (see right) about Egypt's departure from the net. It seems that landlines are the only way to communicate. How long can Egypt stay off the grid? We'll see.

In the mean time, protests are continuing. Despite all the censorship, news is still coming leaking out of Egypt. Follow Al-Jazeera's live blog on Egypt protests here and live Twitter feed here. Also, updates from BBC here.

Update: Also added Guardian Live blog (tip from Rainer Bromer)
Update 2: Also check out live pictures from Al Jazeera. This is incredible!
Also, for an idea, here is a raw video from Cairo:


Rainer said...

The guardian has a good blog, too:

Dr. M. Akbar Hussain said...

Hey thats not funny right. If disturbing law and order is the only way left to get onself heard, then pigeons should be the only way left for communication. You know, when you topple a government without a set plan what to do next, the country becomes a killing field for the terrorists, like what happened in Iraq which was way better off under the rule of a dictator.

Anonymous said...

How to BYPASS EGYPT CENSOR تخريب الانترنت الرقيب :

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Another way to get around any sort of censorship is to route your internet through a series of random servers around the world. This makes it nearly impossible for the government to block your access. (i.e. A hypothetical example is this: Say SF airport wants to stop flights from going from SF to Dallas. But they only control the SF airport. Its a lot harder to stop flights from going SF-Denver-Dallas or SF-LA-Dallas since they can't control those airports. Hope that makes sense.)
So they can get access to it tell folks to download Tor which allows them to do this. It is awesome. Its a bit slower but totally designed for this kind of thing.

Hope all is well,

PS- This info applies to folks in any country to sidestep government censorship- China, Iran, etc.
PS- Protests have started in N. Yemen, citing solidarity with protestors in Tunisia/Egypt

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Anonymous said...

الملكية الفكرية العنوان :
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