Sunday, January 30, 2011

Add Congressman Jack Kingston to the creationist column

We write here a lot about the status of science in the Muslim world. Yes, we are also often critical about scientific misconceptions and how newspapers sometimes promote pseudoscientific claims (see, for example, this nonsense about Mars from the Business Recorder, or this about bizarre anti-evolution story from Al Jazeera). But what is astounding is to find a Congressman of the most scientifically advanced country in the world (it is by far the scientific leader in the world) not only deny climate change, but also evolution. See the clip of Bill Maher show below. Not just that, but here he demonstrate a stunning level of intellectual ignorance by saying that "well, I did not come from a monkey". I mean c'mon. Rep. Jack Kingston from Georgia sits on the House Appropriations Committee which decides how the federal government will spend its money. I know, know. There have even been US Presidential hopefuls (at least in the Republican primaries) who have also shown a similar level of intellectual ignorance. I just find it amazing that with all the science and scientists at hand, they choose not to seek out even some basic information. Heck, when next time he is in D.C., he can go and visit the hall of human origins at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Or if he wants to stay in Georgia, then he can check out Yerkes National Primate Research Center. But please, ask someone about the basic concepts of evolution! Absolutely shameful. (note that I'm not saying any thing about D.L. Hughley's rejection of evolution. He is a comedian. It is not a big deal if he doesn't know much about it. But as a Congressman, you are supposed to be able to make reasonable - in the loosest sense of the word - assessments. For that, you even have staffers at hand to help you reach those decisions. If after all that, this is the best one can do - then it is indeed shameful).

Here is the clip:


Ali said...

"Add Congressman Jack Kingston to the creationist column"


Ha ha.
I welcome everyone to the 'creationist column.'

Anonymous said...

Big Evolution Discovery !

British professor Nigel Swiggerton of Chapsworth College has recently found a missing link in the evolution/creation debate. Everyone is familiar with the "stages of man" chart found in textbooks which begins with a naked, hairy, bent over, grunting Neanderthal type which over millions of years finally learns how to stand erect while sporting a 1930s-style haircut. Well, Dr. Swiggerton discovered that someone accidentally reversed the negative. It turns out that the first man was actually standing erect with a short haircut but has been descending over the years until he has finally reached the last stage - the stage at any rock concert filled with naked, hairy, bent over, grunting Neanderthal types!

(Ran across the preceding on the internet. Are overly blessed, underly grateful Americans aware that Darwin acknowledged the "Creator" on the last page of his "Origin of Species"? Why did he used this term if he meant an "unknown process"? When God allows some American city to be destroyed someday, will surviving American ingrates pray to the anti-Christian, anti-American Hollywood shmucks that the ingrates have long worshiped more than God? Thank God for Rep. Jack Kingston (GA) who does serve the Declaration of Independence's "Creator" and the "God" mentioned in all 50 state constitutions - a congressman who was recently "crucified" on TV by God-hating shmuck Bill Maher and his fellow "nailers" for daring to uphold the creationism overwhelmingly embraced by America's founders! For more on Maher etc., Google Jesus-bashers "Sandra Bernhard, Larry David, Kathy Griffin, Bill Maher, Joan Rivers, Sarah Silverman.")

/the above was seen on the web and I'm sharing it - Clarissa/

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