Sunday, June 27, 2010

Movie Trailer: The Nature of Existence

Here is a trailer for a documentary film, The Nature of Existence. It is not playing in theaters near me - and it is hard for me to predict the leanings of the films just from the trailer. On the one hand, I'm afraid that this film may be like the other absolute trash What the Bleep Do We Know. On the other hand, it does seem to contain interviews with some credible physicists and biologists (Susskind, Dawkins, Woosley, etc), and it is directed by Roger Nygard, the director of the very funny and amusing Trekkies (check it out if you haven't seen it). This can potentially be an interesting film and I hope it stays away from crap like quantum spirituality etc. From reading a bit on the movie website, I think I'm cautiously optimistic.

If you have seen it, let me know what you think about it. Here is the trailer:

The Nature of Existence - Original Trailer from Roger Nygard on Vimeo.


Ali said...

I have not seen it. And I did not like the trailer. It wasn't appealing enough to make me buy a ticket to see it. But if it is there on Documentary channel, I might give it a go.

Unknown said...

Based on the trailer alone, I think it seems like an interesting movie. I did what and enjoyed What the Bleep and the Secret and this doesn't seem to be like that at all, which is not a problem. I love how it attempts to answer some of the big questions or at least to get a sense of what many great minds and not so great minds think about the topic. My only concern is that it might be very similar to Religulous which from my point of view was a complete was of time.

Dr. Jack Bishop said...

I struggled with this film due to Nygard's childish interview style that never allows any of the "celebrities" of the movie to actually say anything substantial. Sure he parades strange people and opinions before your eyes, but they only result in 93 minutes of short sound bites that bear little if any relation to one another. This movie is very disjointed and leaves the viewer wondering if the best parts of it were left on the cutting room floor. Steven Hawking had no interest in this movie and neither do I.

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