Saturday, January 23, 2010

Frans de Waal on empathy, morality and science & religion

Here are Frans de Waal and David Berreby on If you are interested in the issues of science & religion, check out the discussion between 30-45 minutes. Frans has the appropriate tone to address not only the sensitive issue of the origins of morality, but also about science & religion, in general. He is empathetic (ha!) to believers but has a no-nonsense approach towards crazy claims, such as creationism, or that one cannot be moral without God. Good stuff.

I'm not completely sold on the bloggingheads format (sometimes the discussion can simply drag on), but I like this one, in particular the last half hour.


emre said...

I also disapprove of blog recordings. I feel like I'm watching two people hash out their thoughts. They should present us with the condensed typed version instead of the rambling draft.

Salman Hameed said...

I think it can work if the chemistry is right between the two people - but often that is not the case.

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