Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kelvin is Lord and a bit of Colbert

There is a forecast for another snow storm here tonight. So to make life bearable, first, here is Colbert about God talking to individuals:

And then here is a perfect connection to science & religion: Here is a website Kelvin is Lord and it makes a compelling case that Lord Kelvin is the only one who can conserve us from entropy (ok ok - I admit that I'm a geek and I appreciate geek-humor - hat tip from another geek, Kate Wellspring). Loved the bit about his laws:

LORD KELVIN: Giver of Laws

The Lord Kelvin, in His infinite wisdom, has given the Universe Laws by which to govern itself THERMODYNAMICALLY:—

The Laws of Thermodynamics

Law The Zeroth:

Two systems in Thermal Equilibrium with a third are in Thermal Equilibrium with each other

The property that characterizes Thermal Equilibrium is Temperature. The Lord Kelvin tells us that there is an ABSOLUTE Temperature! Since bodies that are in contact with each other will eventually reach Thermal Equilibrium, it follows that by being in contact with the Lord Kelvin we may come to be one with Him.

Law The First:

Energy Is Conserved

The Lord Kelvin, in His infinite benevolence, has deigned that the total Energy Content of the Universe shall remain constant; never being Created nor Destroyed, but only Transformed from one form to another.

Law The Second:

Universal Entropy Increases

Over the Universe as a whole, Entropy will increase. Entropy is that Energy that no longer is Ordered. It is Death of the most Absolute kind! All is susceptible to its Chilly Grasp: plants, animals, information, even The Human Soul! Sure, all those things, even our Souls, will have time until that happens; until the Universal Entropy consumes everything in the Great Heat Death, but THEN what? What will you do?

Law The Third:

A Pure Crystal's Entropy Is Zero At Zero Kelvins

The Purest Crystal of them all is The Lord Kelvin himself! The Lord Kelvin is without Entropy. Furthermore, since Absolute Zero is unattainable via a finite series of processes, it follows that the Lord Kelvin is Infinite! This implies that His powers are also Infinite, meaning that the Lord Kelvin can transcend His own Law The Second and Conserve you from Entropy!

Here is the link to Kelvin is Lord. Enjoy!


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