Saturday, March 07, 2015

Saturday Video: Evolution via They Might Be Giants and The Simpsons

by Salman Hameed

On a lighter note of evolution, here is My Brother the Ape by They Might Be Giants (By the way, my 22 month old son loves this - and so begins the indoctrination :) ):

And while we are on the topic, here is evolution of Homer Simpson from the intro of a Simpsons episode: 


Anonymous said...

Salam Dr Salman hameed,

My name is Abrar bhalli i follow you in Irtiqa and in your Podcast also.Thanks for your all very interesting and knowledgeable videos.I find your videos very understandable but there is one thing very confusing that is theory of relativity for some reason i could not grasp it but i am sure if you will enlighten me i definitely will.You are doing very good job keep it up,thanks in advance.Allah Hafiz.

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