Tuesday, February 03, 2015

SSiMS talk tomorrow: Explorations of Web 2.0: What's Video Got to Do with the Study of Science and Muslims?

by Salman Hameed

If you are in the area then join for a lunch talk (at noon) jointly hosted by Center for the Study of Science in Muslim Societies (SSiMS) and the School of Cognitive Science. Okay - so "hosting" is a strong word for this talk, as it is being jointly given by SSiMS fellow, Vika Gardner, and me (in a supporting cast). It is about a project that we have been doing for the past 6-months on Islam and Science videos that are available online and some of the interesting findings coming out of it. The goal of the project, funded by a grant from The Templeton Foundation, has been to evaluate content of Islam and Science videos (more on it in a few months) and to create a portal where we can place these videos in a categorized manner. However, an exploration of these videos has taken us in a fascinating direction and the talk highlights some of these preliminary findings. Here is the abstract:

Explorations of Web 2.0:  What's Video Got to Do with the Study of Science and Muslims?

Abstract: We will be presenting preliminary results from our ongoing Islam and Science Video Portal project. We will discuss what we have learned thus far about videos addressing Islam and the natural sciences:  what are they, where are they, who's making them. But perhaps, even at a more basic level, what is a video on "Islam and science" and who would be crazy enough to try to catalogue the Internet?  Come learn what happens when you put together an astronomer and a medieval Islamic historian, both of whom are fascinated with new media and constructions of identity and are unafraid to dive off the bleeding edge of the study of Muslims and internet videos.

Biographical Information:
Vika Gardner: Dr. Vika Gardner is the Research Fellow for the Science and Islam grant at Hampshire College. She has taught courses on various aspects of Islam, Gender and Sexuality in the Islamic World, and Iranian cinema at several small liberal arts colleges, including Mount Holyoke College.

Salman Hameed: Salman Hameed is Associate Professor of Integrated Science and Humanities in the School of Cognitive Science, and heads the Center for the Study of Science in Muslim Societies (SSiMS) at Hampshire College. His research work focuses on understanding the reception of modern science in contemporary Muslim world. He teaches interdisciplinary courses including Biological Evolution in the Public Sphere; Science in the Islamic World, and Aliens: Close Encounters of a Multidisciplinary Kind. This semester he is teaching Evolution, Islam and Modernity, and Creating Science Fiction Short Films Using Real Science (with Jason Tor).

In The ASH Lobby
A light lunch will be available at noon


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