Monday, January 26, 2015

Announcing "Science ka Adda": A new astronomy series in Urdu

by Salman Hameed

It wasn't exactly planned this way, but a number of separate activities have coincided together. So just this past week I announced an astronomy Urdu podcast with Umair Asim called Hamari Kainaat (Our Universe). Well, here is an announcement of a related but different web series called Science ka Adda (loosely, Cafe Scientifique) - or SkA for short. The main idea behind this biweekly series is to communicate science/astronomy to a broader audience that speaks Urdu. SkA has been possible with the help of Sabeen Mahmud, Umer Piracha, Zakir Thaver and of course, John Bruner, Ben Cowper, and Nauman Tazeem at Hampshire College. This series will compliment Hamari Kainaat that is aimed for more detailed discussions on astronomy. We are excited to be part of the growing astronomy scene in Pakistan! 

Here is the first episode of Science ka Adda: Where is our home located in the universe?


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