Friday, October 10, 2014

Nobel Peace Prize to Malala! Here are three videos including a song by Laal

by Salman Hameed

In the off chance you haven't heard, Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi - an Indian child rights campaigner - have been awarded this year's  Nobel peace prize. This cannot be any more perfect - a Pakistani and an Indian, and a Muslim and a Hindu sharing the peace prize (heck the Nobel committee still has a long way to make up for the Obama prize.

Just in case you think that Malala is simply overrated and has gotten all the attention for being shot, check these two videos from NYT. She is an incredibly smart with an amazing sense of charm and natural humor. First, watch this interview in which she is asked about her own mother becoming a literate as an adult:

And then I have posted this before as well (for example, here) but here is a NYT video that follows Malala from her early days (way before she was shot) as a campaigner for education to the latter actions of the Taliban. Again, Malala's intelligence, charm, and passion are all on full display here:

And then finally, here is a song for Malala by the Pakistani band, Laal (thanks to Asif Alam for the tip):

Laal - You Give Me Hope Malala from Taimur Rahman on Vimeo.


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