Sunday, December 23, 2012

English and Urdu Maulana Qadri disagree with each other

by Salman Hameed

On Saturday I had posted about the increasing violence in Pakistan - both at institutional and individual levels. In particular, I wrote about the problematic Blasphemy Law that has led to the beatings, death and exile of so many individuals. Well - one person who claims responsibility for the shaping of this law is Maulana Tahir ul Qadri. He just returned to Pakistan after spending 5-years in Britain - and seems to be preparing for an election campaign. He also held a large rally in Lahore yesterday and apparently hundreds of thousands of people showed up.

But I wonder who will be running in the elections? Will it be the Urdu-speaking Tahir ul Qadri or the English-speaking Tahir ul Qadri? Apparently these two individuals completely disagree with each other - at least on the blasphemy law. Well - why don't you look at it yourself? For your pleasure, here is a short six-minute video of this bilingual and bi-opinion Maulana on the blasphemy law (and yes, there are english subtitles for his Urdu bits). I did have to check back to see if the Urdu and English maulanas were the same - and it seems that way. Wow!

Tahir Ul Qadri Lies -Caught Red Handed Facebook by maskerwa

(Tip from Farid Alvie)


Akbar said...

Pakistani version of Harun Yahya I guess

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